At Osman Page, we maintain your books on a day to day basis and ensure your books are always current and up to date. A highly qualified team of accountants are on staff and available to properly record all of your financial activity. Utilizing our systems and best practices reduces clerical errors, and eliminates hours of clean up at year end. As a business owner you will benefit from having real time access to real time financial records and information which will help to make sound and informed business decisions.

Knowing how much cash you have and how many checks are still outstanding is essential to effective cash management. Our online banking process will ensure your bank accounts are reconciled on a daily basis giving you real time access to your true cash balance. Whether you operate a small business, seasonal business or a large business with significant volume, this process allows you and/or your managers to keep a close eye on your cash position as daily decisions are made.

Similar to bank reconciliation, the reconciliation of your business credit cards takes place on a daily basis. Activities are recorded and reconciled as they appear on your credit card account. In addition, any activity without prior support and documentation can be flagged and followed up on to avoid any audit risks or year end problems. If your card exceeds the limit, our team will notify you and make immediate payment to avoid potential issues.

Missing or delinquent loan payments are not good thing for any business. The proper recording of interest paid and knowing what your current loan balance is at all times are both essential in managing a business. As part of our month end closing, loans and lines of credits are reconciled, interest is properly recorded and loan payments are scheduled according to your loan agreement.

Books are closed on a monthly basis no later than the 15th of the following month. This is typical in the industry and allows enough time for all pending invoices, transaction, bank statements and other documents needed for month end to be received and processed. Finalized financial statements can be emailed, mailed or accessed from our online portal for viewing and printing.

Accounting lingo and proper accounting practices can be very complicated and confusing for any business owner. We will maintain your financial ledgers and reconcile them on a regular basis. In addition, we make sure all entries adhere to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and work with your external CPA or auditor to prepare and close your books at year end.

There is a significant difference between simple bookkeeping and financial statement preparation. Reconciling all of your information and preparing a set of reliable and accurate financial statements is a challenge for any business. All financial statements prepared by us are done so in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). We follow a standard monthly closing process to provide our clients with accurate financial information throughout the year.

At Osman Page we maintain appropriate record of all fixed assets, their current depreciation and book value. Assets are recorded and depreciated properly and according to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). There is no need on your end to spend time figuring out accounting treatments, depreciation periods and other accounting concerns. Our team takes care of it all. We make sure all assets are properly recorded and that your auditor or CPA is in agreement.

The key to a smooth year end is good accounting throughout the year. Leaving things to the last minute can be costly. As part of our year end process we make certain all financial information is reviewed, reconciled, all 1099 and W2’s are processed and mailed, and that your financials are ready for income tax filing. We will work directly with your CPA to get your taxes filed and provide them with any information they require. In essence, we are your own CFO and accounting department.

If your business is subject to annual audits or review, we will make sure everything is clean and in proper order. As your accounting team, we will make sure everything is ready for the audit, work with the auditors to address any questions and make sure we get a clean audit report for the year. We have experience with both private and public companies and have assisted with audits for profit, non-for-profit, and government alike.

We process and print all vendor checks for approval and mailing. Our process is a very simple one. You decide who and how much to pay and we pay it. There is no need to carry check stock on hand or spend money on pre-printed checks. Our system prints the checks with all the required bank information on it. We reconcile all vendor payments at month end and maintain detailed vendor records.
Our clients determine how frequently they pay their vendors. Our team prepares a list of all outstanding invoices and the clients choose which ones to pay. Once the payment list is approved, we process, print and deliver, or mail the checks to you for signature and mailing. We do not have any signature rights and we do not have any way to move funds on your behalf. This is by design so you remain completely in control.

Vendor statements are reconciled once received to make sure that all payments were properly recorded and that all invoices have been received. If any missing invoices or issues surface, our team contacts the vendor directly for complete resolution so you don’t have to. We are your accounting department and will let you know and keep you informed of any pending credits, refunds or disputes with all of your vendors.

Is there ever a time you need a check cut immediately? Simply send us an email, or directly call a member of our team of accountants. We will have the check cut and mailed to you immediately. Not quick enough? You can keep a small check stock on site, write the check and send us a copy of it to record it. We have many businesses such as restaurants who write manual checks for all of their Cash on Delivery orders which are recorded at a later time.

At Osman Page, we maintain your current and accurate vendor list. Any additions, deletions and changes are updated on a daily basis. We contact the vendor and obtain the most recent data if needed. We maintain year end 1099 information for both new and existing vendors. Our team works directly with your vendors to resolve any issues and answer any questions. Your vendors can call us directly and we establish a strong relationship with our peers on the vendor side to keep communication open. We escalate any issues to the business owner or management whenever necessary.
Our processes and quality controls are designed to prevent over payments, but in reality it happens from time to time. You are not to worry, we will contact the vendor immediately, request a refund or credit to future invoices depending on the situation. In addition, we will identify the reason behind the issue and make sure appropriate steps are put in place to prevent it from reoccurring.

At year end, vendors are reviewed and any adjustments are made in preparation for 1099 processing. Vendors are notified to update their mailing address and update their tax information. We identify vendors eligible for 1099s at year end and process, print, mail and file all appropriate documents and information with the IRS. We electronically file when appropriate and we issue corrected 1099s as needed.

Our goal at Osman Page is to record income on a daily basis whenever possible: we call this process “daily cash”. Depending on the client billing and system, we obtain, on a daily basis, the necessary reports and information for all billing and payment activity. Through our online banking process we update cash balances to reflect the most recent activity on the check register and maintain up-to-date accounting records. At the end of each month, we reconcile all daily activity to make sure income and cash for the month is properly recorded and accounted for.

We initiate electronic filings of all federal tax requirements and deposits, as well as quarterly and annual tax reporting. We can process and file payroll taxes in all states. We work with you and the payroll provider to make sure everything is properly setup and that taxes are filed correctly. Any notices or issues will be managed by our team and you will not be required to deal anyone other than us.

With our preferred processing status, your payroll is delivered within 24 hours of processing. This means that we only require one day lead-time to process and deliver payroll and process direct deposits. The timeliness is critical to cash flow and for businesses that have a payroll cycle immediately before the check date. Direct deposit will be processed same day and will be deposited in the employee’s bank account by the following day. Checks are also delivered via UPS next day delivery.

With our payroll processes and pricing, you do not pay extra for any additional payroll runs/checks. If you need to issue a payroll check immediately and off-cycle, we process a special payroll at no additional charge to you.

We file sales taxes in all states in which our clients operate. Sales tax is filed monthly, quarterly or annually depending on the client and specific state laws. We electronically file all sales tax when available and paper file when required. We reconcile monthly income and sales tax calculations prior to filing. Once filed, clients are notified of the amount and date funds will clear their bank. We will report and pay sales tax in all states where our clients operate. We provide reporting and file in all states and localities where required.
Depending on the client frequency, size, and amount of sales tax withheld, reporting requirements will vary. The filing frequency depends on the specific state requirements. Regardless of the requirements, we will electronically file and pay sales taxes when the service is available and as required by the state.

At Osman Page we have the capability to receive and apply client payments. However, the majority of our clients prefer to manage their own billing and client payment process in-house. This is also the preferred method from our view. The ability to apply cash to customers depends on how the client billing is processed, what type of billing system is used and from where the billing process is done. To properly apply cash, it must be done on the same system where invoices are generated. In most cases, each client and each industry has a different process and uses different systems for their billing function, which makes it more appropriate for the client to manage in-house. However, we will establish a business process in order to obtain all the information and reports that are needed to properly record revenue and payments on a daily basis.

At Osman Page, we prepare and provide payroll services for all employee types including salaried, hourly, part-time, full-time, tipped/gratuity, and commission based employees. We also track and process employee benefits, wage garnishments and any other special requirements. Payroll checks are mailed directly to your location and direct deposits are automatically transmitted to all banks and financial institutions. Payments to benefit carriers and government agencies are also processed electronically or can be mailed directly as well.
Our payroll and tax filing is backed by ADP: the largest payroll provider in the nation. We do not handle or maintain any of your funds. All funds are collected and paid directly by the payroll provider. However, we work directly with the payroll provider on any payroll or payroll tax issues or questions so you do not have to.

With our payroll services, we will print, mail and report all necessary information to federal and state agencies. We will also handle any corrected W2’s or W2c’s as needed. We have the ability to report on multiple locations and entities as well as consolidated reporting for multiple entities under the same EIN.

We report and file all taxes and reports with the government including all quarterly, annual, federal unemployment, state unemployment, federal and state income tax. We file and report for all states and localities.

A talented and capable CFO or Controller is a very expensive proposition for any business. With our CFO/Controllership services, you are able to get the expertise and talent whenever you need it and only when you need it. Whether it is an on-going effort to help manage your business, or a special project, you have the resources available to you in an affordable way that fits any budget. We can help you plan, forecast, budget, review loan applications, discuss financial matters with your bank and help you financially manage your overall business. At Osman Page, we can provide business analysis to assist in key decisions, such as how to price your business, understand your profit margins, or valuate your business should you be considering selling. We can provide you the assistance, financial information and support to help you answer any questions you may have about your business.

At Osman Page, we work with both existing and start-up companies to establish sound, comprehensive business plans that include financial and operational information, and a complete market analysis. Our business planning services include financial planning, forecasting, budgeting, financial models and equity raise. Every client is different and every client has specific needs and expectations. We can help you define those expectations and put the appropriate steps in place to make them a reality.

The purpose of a budget is to help a company understand where it stands financially and to help plan for growth in good times and downsizing in the not so good times. However, it is important to keep in mind that a poorly developed budget can be the reason for missing it. At Osman Page, our budgeting process is based on years of experience with large, small, private and public companies. Budgeting is a critical tool in managing the effectiveness of any business. Well planned budgets allow an organization to identify areas in which to focus on, target meaningful cost savings and plan for the year ahead.

At Osman Page, we can help respond to your bank, investors or other third parties who are interested in viewing how your business might perform under different conditions. We can provide your key stakeholders any information about your business that they need and in a format they are familiar with. We can develop various business models from simple, high level models, to more detailed entity/unit based models with key assumptions, matrix and key drivers.

Whether you are selling your business or buying a new one, our M&A services will assist you in the process from the initial discussions, through due diligence, to the actual closing. We also aid in properly documenting and accounting for the acquisition, and in the recording all of transaction details.

The most common need when it comes to any financial transaction is the due diligence process. This is a critical phase of any transaction and can impact a business on many levels. Due diligence risks can be very costly. We provide comprehensive due diligence services to include valuation of the transaction, contract and lease review, asset inspection, legal considerations and the proper recording and accounting treatment.

The easiest and simplest implementation of our accounting services is for clients who are already using QuickBooks software, the most commonly used accounting application for small businesses. It does not matter which version of QB you use. We will export and migrate all your data onto our platform and pick up where you or your previous bookkeeper left off. We are able to process new transactions immediately. At the same time, we will start our process of cleanup and reconciliation of all previous transactions for the current year in order to ensure we proceed forward with reliable account balances.

If you currently use ADP Payroll, we will migrate all your information onto our ADP partner platform with all opening balances, YTD wages and all other employee payroll information. We work directly with ADP as a platform partner to make the transition quick, accurate and seamless for our clients.

If you currently do not use QB or ADP, it is not a problem. Our team of technology professionals will be engaged to help migrate your information from any system that you currently use. We can integrate with most common accounting packages such as Peach Tree. In addition, we can work with your current payroll provider to gather your payroll data and migrate it to ADP.

DMP is Osman Page’s proprietary document management and archiving platform that is web based and accessible via the Internet. With DMP, all business documents are scanned, indexed and archived for storage and future access. Utilizing our suite of services, including DMP, our clients and their authorized users are able to access, view, print, email or save any documents that were previously sent to the accounting team for processing. Our DMP system saves cost, office space and provides a digital archive of all documents processed. Clients who take advantage of our outsourced accounting services are given access to DMP at no additional charge.

At Osman Page we have developed one central location/portal for the services we perform. We provide a full featured Microsoft SharePoint intranet for your business to collaborate, share information and manage information within your organization. Everything is provided by Osman Page and is included as part of our outsourced accounting services.

We have aligned ourselves with Intuit as a partner provider of the well known QuickBooks accounting system. QuickBooks is a simple, intuitive and stable software package making it easy to “go live” and is central to our outsourced accounting services. Whether you already use QuickBooks, a different accounting system, or none at all, we will provide all of the assistance, instruction, training and support you need. We provide all software licenses and server hosting at no additional charge to your organization. All data and financial information is hosted on our servers so you do not need to pay or worry about IT costs and support.

At Osman Page, we help our clients establish the right disaster recovery plan that meets the standards of the IT community. Disaster recovery services range from the backup of key data to the development of a complex plan with co-locations, off-site facilities and data centers. We advise and help implement the right plan for any business.

A business should always implement both on-site and off-site backup programs. Each has its purpose. Off-site backups are meant for catastrophic recovery when an on-site backup is not accessible. On-site backups are meant for quick recovery of lost files, information or complete restoration when a computer or a server fails.

You should always keep a reliable copy of your important information on-site for quick recovery of deleted files, corrupt spread sheets and other documents. On-site backups are your first line of defense. File synchronization and backup tools are very effective, affordable and we can deploy them very quickly.

Off-Site or On-line backups are ideal for major emergencies, disasters or even equipment theft. We provide on-going on-line backups through state of the art data centers to make sure your business is protected and can be quickly recovered if necessary. On-line backups can be restored to the actual business location, to an off-site facility or office for temporary work space during disaster recovery.

As a standard, every computer in your business should be connected to a battery backup/power surge unit. Power failure is the common reason for loss of data due to hardware failure. It can happen at any time and can cause significant damage.

At Osman Page, we will create, monitor, and maintain your business computer and server network. We will perform all necessary actions to configure and fix any issues or problems if and when they happen. In doing so, we will increase your up time and avoid interruption of your critical business functions. We will ensure you utilize the full capacity of your network bandwidth and eliminate bottle-necks, network congestion and other issues that might inhibit your employees from working most efficiently.

Computer viruses and malware are common reasons for business interruption. We will protect your data and applications from viruses and intruders by implementing and maintaining business class virus protection.

At Osman Page, we protect your data and information from unauthorized access by hackers and other intruders. We construct firewalls that are configured to manage who, when and how your users have access to your network and your data. Establishing an effective firewall will protect your business data and reduce your risk.

Computer servers are developed to effectively deliver your business applications and increase the productivity and stability of your IT infrastructure. Regardless of whether you have one server or multiple servers, the manner in which they are connected, configured and communicate can effect how those servers perform. At Osman Page, we take the time to thoroughly understand your business needs in order to design how your servers and network should be configured to operate proficiently.

In today’s world, a lot of technology exists that is very costly and complex. In most cases, it is not necessary to spend enormous amounts of money on technology when more simple and cost effective solutions are readily available. Whenever possible, it is best to keep it simple. We will create a wireless network for your business that will have adequate speed and do just what you need it to, without over spending on IT equipment. Whether you have users that require a great deal of bandwidth to run your business or a just a small amount, we will find the right wireless network for you. The key is to fully understand your business needs and requirements and then define exactly what equipment you need.

Osman Page has a team of web developers ready to design, create and implement a complete website from simple basic web pages to complex web-based applications with a fully functional back-end. Depending on your company’s need, a website can be very basic as an informational only site or a large and complex site with data bases, portals, shopping carts or any other feasible functionality.

Once your web site has been developed, it continues to require management and maintenance going forward. We work with each of our clients independently to identify their maintenance and enhancement needs and put in place the appropriate team to meet your requirements.

SEO is a process designed to increase awareness of your website and help you increase sales through increased traffic on your site. Proper and frequent SEO maintenance ensures that your web site appears high on the known Internet search engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. SEO also integrates your web site with social media (Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, etc.) and connects your business to even greater online opportunities. At Osman Page, we help design an optimal SEO program for you and we perform the maintenance as well, if requested.

We have a team of application developers that can create proprietary custom software for your business. Our development team has extensive experience with complex software development projects and design. In many cases, an off-the-shelf product does not meet the needs of your business and can impact your ability to grow and retain customers. As your IT department, we will help you make that decision and manage the process to completion including developing a business specific application in-house.

By integrating your existing business applications you can quickly and effectively realize time and cost savings. The majority of our clients have more than one system in place that do not communicate with one another, causing redundant work-flow and wasting valuable time. Inefficiencies in this area can result from manual entry of data, duplicate entry of data, lack of consistent information and a huge effort spent to clean up the mess afterwards. A proper integration strategy can save significant amounts of money and time, which will allow your team to focus on their job.

If your business is in need of upgrading its current software to either a new version or an entirely different one, we can help. If not done properly, a business can lose access to valuable historical data from the old system and would have to re-enter data manually, which can be both burdensome and costly. At Osman Page, we will take the data from your old system, convert it and migrate it to your new system. The Osman Page technology team has extensive experience in working with legacy systems, back-end databases and technology. Our team has both the technical and business background to understand the various data elements, its financial and business impact, and the best approach to migrating/mapping the data while maintaining its integrity.